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Please view the Introduction to this vlog before you submit your translation.

The posts I’ve shared using ASL are material for discussion and for translation. I invite colleagues to produce an English translation for the vlogs I’ve posted. We don’t see enough about translating ASL texts. Most of the available texts are created in English and then offer ASL “translations” that are heavily influenced by the English discourse structure and vocabulary. I’d like to offer something different here.

To submit an English translation, enter your name and email address below. Your name (as translator) will be posted with the translation alongside the vlog. Your email address will not be shared. You will be notified when your translation has been published. Suggestion: Subscribe to this vlog to receive email notifications of new posts to the vlog, including translations.

English translations should be submitted as documents using Word or Pages. Simply email your translation document here: Send Document via email. Please be sure to fill out the form below and check the English Translation field indicating that you have emailed your translation document.

Identify the vlog you’re translating from the list of topics.

Please also identify the extent of your interpreting experience using the options available.

When you have completed this, click on Submit to send us your information. Again, be sure to send your document via email.


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